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Singapore is a country which is small in demographical area and wide in its economic status, in South East Asia. It is a country blend with a variety of cultures as there are individuals from countries like Malaysia, Chinese, Indian and Europe.
The most important places to visit in Los Angeles are: Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Flyer, Segway, Tiger Sky tower, Cineblast, Singapore Discovery and Centre & Army museum.
This video offers a lot of tips to help you plan the perfect vacation. If you want to save time and money, the most important Singapore travel tip is to compare prices before booking a hotel room or a flight. You can do this for free on , a site that searches through hundreds of other travel websites in real time for the best travel deals available.


86 thoughts on “Singapore Travel Guide — Must-See Attractions

  1. RPHackrrr:

    This is even better then visiting Dubai … Who agrees?

    1. Robin Zaman:

      RPHackrrr dubai is better then simgapore

    2. ParanormalG&CAV:

      dont make me choose. I have been in both. #goodtimes

    3. Zannoki Gaming:

      Dubai is in United Arab Emirates.That country is rich,you will se a lot of Bugatti.

  2. Evil Pagan:

    The advantage places like Singapore or Dubai have over «the west» now is that they don’t tolerate crime by coddling criminals and have an «immigrant» policy of «either behave or get out». No idiotic political correctness.

    1. Rubbe:

      True but they are from decent people and countrys, and not shitholes like africa or middle east. Some places have more low quality people thats why thier countrys suck.

    2. Huy Thai:

      Joe Blow how dumb are you, Singaporeans are one of the most diverse populations of people in the world consisting of Malays, Chinese, Indians etc, but they all make it work. They have strict rules and regulations of a liberal democratic government by the capitalist mindset. They are the perfect blend of liberalism and conservatism and they make it work, while the US is constantly swinging from conservatism from the last 40 years to liberalism pre Cold War.

    3. Joe Blow:

      Exactly, I think it’s funny how the video is globalist propaganda that makes it sound like ‘diversity is our strength’, when clearly the rule of law and a mono-culture under the Singapore flag is what holds their nation together.

    4. canadianroot:

      Wait….so, animals don’t have a «behave or get out» policy?

    5. Mais Conhecido Como:

      Free market economy with social conservativism. masterrace

    1. BE:

      Well obviously lol… Indonesia is still a developing country

    1. Raji Lakshmi:

      yes I luv my singapore nd d people who behave every thing attracted me then the d clean path system people are following , government rules everything Good,

    2. Moistilicious:

      It’s fucking Hot there lol, but the scenery is beautiful.

  3. Waryaa Moxamad:

    …and no gun totting racist white American to be seen…true paradise indeed.

    1. Saral Thakur:

      +Andrew Bacon How’s that relevant to anything here? oh well Soviets were to the space first does that mean Every other country’s space agency is simply a Soviet space agency rip off now?

      Just because if a country is capitalist doesn’t mean it’s copying the west or if communist it’s copying Soviets.

    2. Alpine Frost:

      They are anti gay in this country you know that right? You bigot. Way to paint everyone with a wide brush. Most blacks are stupid and should go back to Africa.

    3. A J:

      Ms.sweetie B does his name sound black? It’s not black people’s fault that everyone hates your people. Don’t bring black people in this

    4. Ms.sweetie B:

      Excuse me! I am not a white, Infact I am dark skinned but not an African but I feel ur comment is extremely racist! Why am I sure this is coming from a black? I lived in America and I have noticed that black people are more racists than the white. In each and every place they use their «racist» trump card. Any video you upload on facebook the first comment will be of a black accusing white of racism saying «oh wow! Now u people upload a video with no blacks? You guys are so ractist.».. Why can’t you people appreciate what these western counties did for you guys? They brought ur ansestors from their country and provided them with food and shelter and civil rights. They gave you equality. Imagine what would your life be if you were in some African tribe. I am not a white. In fact my skin tone is very dark but I don’t run around chanting slogans of racism in everything. Your respect and your happiness in your own hands. I’ve seen how mostly black people get involved in the criminal activies because they find it «cool».. start teaching them to behave themselves and stop ruining the image of your society. Chant slogans against them. Clean your own mess and see how the world will look at you with respect! You can demand rights but not respect!

  4. Geum Ji-min:

    been there; beautiful place, and clean; but it feels sad.

    1. steve crawford:

      For Land Singapore has always been VERY corrupt… seriously. Just perhaps somewhat invisible to most … and no not a true democracy… but living in a democracy is annoying anyway all the news is flawed elections because humans are flawed… a great society would be en educated benevolent emperor working within a parliamentary system whose politicians are term limited…

    2. Vivian L:

      For Land True freedom is when one can confidently & safely walk anywhere, any time without fear of being mugged or robbed. And where the government dares to politically incorrectly speak out against idiot Islamic terrorism.

    3. ADG QTI:

      An effective Autocracy is better than a gullible, dumb, democracy.

    4. Dizzy Blu:

      Great Britannia Do you live in Singapore?

  5. Bad Jaeaux:

    it is very expensive to live in Singapore especially if you are a foreigner … probably the safest nation on earth; robbers, thieves, rapists are caned to near death … drug pushers and murderers are tortured and executed

    1. Bad Jaeaux:

      you’re welcome XD i hope u get to see Bane as well

    2. Bad Jaeaux:

      Singapore is one of the most culturally diversed nations on earth with at least four major ethnic groups Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Foreign born citizens .. Racism is totally discouraged in the form of ginormous fines or jail time

    3. Win God:

      asian look down on black, im not racist that just a fact.

    4. anonymous:

      Damn we need that system back in Somalia. What about racists, what do they get?

    5. Johnjp2561:

      +Bad Jaeaux Oh man thx to you i didn’t forgot to watch batman film on tv tonight 🙂

  6. RS2002:

    SingaBORE. A soulless city that is infested with many materialistic, shallow inhabitants. I have visit 4 times for business and stayed at the finest hotels and visited much of Asia to compare. There just isn’t any culture or warmth in SingaBORE.

    1. steve crawford:

      I now live in Vietnam… LOVE it here… life is everywhere. And like everywhere nothing is perfect…

    2. Brade Bronson:

      Someone couldnt get laid there. LMAO.

  7. Jonas IDK:

    Looks like they are 50 years a head of europe, asians are so smart

    1. steve crawford:

      Jonas IDK Asians have never been to the moon nor saved the world from anything… still overfishing oceans soon dead and fighting amongst themselves non-stop since historians have recorded civilizations there so yes very smart… we are all just monkeys…

    2. Saral Thakur:

      +Luca.May3r India has only child workers and slums now?.

      Is that how they broke record of sending most satellites in space in a single launch?

      Their Mars mission was successful at first attempt and it’s the only country which did it so far.

      Don’t forget rest of the world didn’t include zero in mathematics until Indians did it First. Without it no binary code and probably no computer.

      If British didn’t loot India and starved many to death (Bengal famine) entire country would have been like Singapore.

    3. Mustafa Rauf:

      Joe Blow they have a 15 percent muslims population in singapore much more than europe. Their neighbours are Malaysia who are majority muslim. Wtf are you on about?

    4. sparkletime 1456:

      Luca.May3r so are alot of parts in europe

    5. Moni lit:

      Luca.May3r brittain deatroyed india so please

  8. MyLalinea:

    in Singapore you can’t speak free for yor opinion.

    1. Brade Bronson:

      MyLalinea What are you a feminist? 99% of the time people do that for the wrong reasons.


    wonderful video …if only I could visit .ah well thanks for sharingx

    1. Elizábeth Tembui:

      Oh really? I’ll be traveling on the 6th of August. I can’t wait then.I love parties and festivals a lot. It’ll be fun I tell you ? ? ?

    2. Alvin Oon:

      oh which dates in August will you be here? 9th August would be Singapore’s National Day and there will be lots of festivities on that day. Hope you have a good holiday here.

    3. Elizábeth Tembui:

      +Alvin Oon Awww that’s so sweet of you. Merci ?. My fiancé had a little delay in his work place and we couldn’t travel ? …
      But we’ll be on our way to ?? this August. I can’t wait ☺

    4. Alvin Oon:

      Hi Elizabeth. Noticed that nobody responded to your query from 2 months ago. There are countries that discourage public show of affection but not in Singapore. Holding hands, kissing and hugging is perfectly fine. Hope you have an enjoyable visit to my island nation soon!

    5. Elizábeth Tembui:

      See Lok weng I die, Hello. I will be traveling to Singapore this June 2017 with my fiancé who’ll be coming from Finland…all I want to know is that, is it abominable to hold hands, kiss and hug in public? I heard countries like that have restricted laws. So I just want to know. Please reply. Thank you

  10. Edward J Smove:

    I’m going to Singapore in march 2017 for 2 weeks of relaxing

    1. Deyo doladeyola:

      -MALE ONLY corporal punishments. (and the ‘service’ is quite broad)
      -MALE conscription (national service)
      — more rights for woman in various aspects, divorce laws etc, women protection bill. (where is that protection for men)
      — Male homosexuality is illegal but lesbianism is okay.
      some social structure of a developed country who are fine with this.
      I wonder if america introduces special laws for black people officially.

    2. The Truth Hurts:

      +Altex lan You a tour guide or something?

  11. Nasua Nasua:

    boring country
    materialistic and depressed people


      I greatly enjoyed my time in Singapore. I didn’t notice anything you said there.

    2. Kyant T:

      Really depends on what the traveller is looking for when travelling… some just looking for cheap stuff, party all night and getting high (that’s their fun), while others are looking for different cultures, diversed of food and enjoy city sight etc, where everything works and safe. But you saying Singaporean are materialistic an depressed? Do you see a high suicide rate here and also, do you carry designer stuff or even iPhone? Do you smile to everyone u meet, including strangers? Everywhere can be boring but depends on how you make good use of it to live out one’s life. If you are born to be natural bored, nothing will excite you 🙂 Pls dont send negative vibe.

    3. flower child:

      singaporeans only think about money and doesn’t know how to have fun

  12. PraxeoLiberty:

    Can you smoke weed in Singapore? 

    It looks like they have everything except the laws are quite strict

    1. Joe Blow:

      I smoke every day, and I’d give it up to live in a civilized, clean society free from PC bullshit.

    2. Koen Foo:

      anjali chandna You should do your research before opening your mouth. Singapore faces serious corruption and poverty rates. Rising cost of living and strict laws gives stress to its citizens. Pampered? Don’t joke with me…

    3. anjali chandna:

      strict laws made sgpore perfect but people dont smile look depressed. i must say govt pampers them so much.

    4. Sheriff Booger:

      +xentube Je kunt ook Nederlands typen ;P

  13. benji benji:

    I hope those westerners don t look for excuse to bomb your beautiful country like they everywhere in the globe.

    1. Ampm 123:

      euloge Afran yeah..illuminati want every country have race war.

  14. Javier Sandoval:

    I would like to visit Singapore. It looks like a good place to relax; and what I like the most about it is that they speak English very well, unlike other countries in Southeast Asia. I also like the fact that this place is a center of capitalism, which is undoubtedly the best system for a nation to strive. Greetings to all Singaporeans from Guatemala 🙂

    1. Javier Sandoval:

      +defcon1 True, because the Philippines were occupied by the US. What other countries would you like to visit in South Asia, my friend?

    2. MJvid:

      +defcon1 English in singapore is first language

  15. Capt Eric Bergeron:

    Enjoyed this video and the editing is awesome.

  16. Pretentious Pete:

    I was mostly raised there.
    But I don’t really recommend raising a family there, its very expensive, but almost life was too perfect.. wayy too perfect. I wasn’t really exposed to ‘reality’

    1. Koalanymos:

      I agree …
      I was born there too and lived there as a child

    2. Mesiado Knows:

      I agree, I was there for a couple years as a kid….ALOT has changed! :'(

    3. Geoff Broad:

      I went to the Naval School the first time.The second time I was at Bourne School.

    4. Geoff Broad:

      Went to school there as a kid……..Dad was based there with the Royal Navy.Went back with my son and daughter in 2007 for a visit.Lot of changes but still a wonderful country with great people.

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