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As legend has it, Rome, Italy, was founded by the twin brothers, Romulus and Remus, in 700 B.C. The former Caput Mundi, or Capital of the World, sits beneath Palatine Hill, where the ruins of its original incarnation are open for exploration.

No Rome tour is complete without stopping by the remains of the Temple of Saturn and Arch of Septimus, both located in the Roman Forum. Get in touch with your inner gladiator and stop by the Colosseum, a relic of Roman bloodsports and perhaps the most recognizable element of the city.


Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain to ensure you’ll return to Rome one day; don’t toss in two coins unless you’re ready to fall in love with a Roman. Continue your Rome sightseeing in St. Peter’s Square, home of St. Peter’s Basilica. The world’s largest church, designed by Michelangelo, is both a remarkable structure and a tribute to faith. You can look down from the famous dome to the Holy Square, which is usually filled with the faithful looking to obtain a blessing from the Pope. After this, it’s just a few steps to restaurants filled with Italian food. Forget coming back to Rome – you’ll never want to leave.

What’s your favorite memory of Rome?

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44 thoughts on “Rome Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Facundo Mart:

    Roma and Paris are the most beautiful cities in the world.

    1. BershkaBoss:

      No offense but you’re all so selfish…

    2. GA y Y AYYAYY YA YY ay y YYAGA Y Gaya yag ay GAYA GAGAYA Ygay yakashi fuck mehard bruh gay ya:

      Planning to go both in there this week ☺

  2. LEO CHΛNNEL ✔️:

    Sorry world!!! But ROME is really really amazing! No other city is like Rome ?? ???????

    1. DanielThePear:

      Greece was old when Rome was a collection of dirt huts.

    2. rtp1968:

      Rome is ALWAYS on my mind. Can’t wait to go back!!!!!

  3. Lasha368:

    I just returned from Rome and holy hell did it surpass my expectations with a mile, the architecture is magnificent and what surprised me was the amount of churches with jawdropping artwork randomly spread out in the old part of the city. Apart from the churches I would also recommend just walking around in the evening when the streets get a little bit less touristy and feel the local atmosphere.

    Anyways great video and grazie for your work expedia =]

    1. Gamz Neddyl:

      my bro came here there’s a two years 🙁

    2. богатырь Россия:

      The irony of talking about churches whilst mentioning holy hell. Hell is not holy dumbass.

    3. Expedia:

      +Lasha368 Thank you so much for sharing your Rome experience with us! We hope you had a wonderful time visiting!

    4. Emma Dewitt:

      +Lasha368 Yes, the Churches are definitely the most impressive things in Rome alongside the Coliseum… did you get a chance to go visit Vatican City? The Sistine Chapel was just aesthetically one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, and Saint Peters Basilica was the single most massive church I have ever stepped foot in. I think that was my favorite out of all of them. Overall the city itself was very interesting to walk around and explore; had a lot of fun riding the Metro/Subway and listening to the stations in Italian. 🙂

  4. Agent:

    I’m torn between Rome & Venice as the best city in the world.. but St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City is hands down the mother of all churches! It was jaw-droppingly amazing inside! But overall, Italy is the best country in the world.. God has blessed them so much.. from the natural landscape, art & architecture, history, it’s passionate people & FOOD!!!

  5. Deanna Brown:

    I’m visiting Rome in August and I’ve never been more excited omg???

    1. toby smith:

      Deanna Brown what did u think of it ?am thinking of going

  6. VictorLawyer _Pt:

    The name says everything………… Rome, the ETERNAL CITY!! For more than two thousand years the city surpassed crazy Emperors (Like Caligula and Nero), received famous lovers of emperors (like Cleopatra), lived under despot popes, resisted barbarian’s invasions and their lootings, reborn many times from the ashes of destructions and famine, watched the black plague kill most of its population, etc………….. And yet survives and remains ROME!!

    1. Aditya Pillai:

      Visited Rome. Fell in love with Rome.

  7. Alex Ca:

    How could 64 people not like this video? Are you guys blind or envious??

    1. ironic singh:

      Alex Ca those people must be sad that they can’t visit rome so they took out their anger

    1. Silvia Cellitti:

      Silvia Santamarianova è vero la città più bella che abbiamo.

    2. DJ F.R.:

      Dead Poop
      Tu sei un animale hai il cervello fuori dalla testa sei un ritardato

  8. Paul Davis:

    A history etched from structures and roads, Rome will always be a treasure for anyone who wishes to take a trip on history.

  9. Sangam Tamang:

    my dream to visit here ..✋
    from Nepal

  10. TheAlexSchuster:

    Some day I will visit this wonderful place full of history

  11. Leonardo Morales:

    Il vittoriano. El monumento mas impresionante que visto en mi vida. Absolutamente bellísimo!

  12. Вячеслав Григорьев:

    The most beutiful city in the world, love from Russia

  13. Linda Ann:

    Rome captured my heart years ago. you can never have your fill of Rome. Bella Roma.

  14. Ken The Explorer:

    I just left from vacationing in Rome and honestly: There is just no place like it.Granted, the driving is absolutely terrible lol, but the city is absolutely amazing!This is a MUST destination that everyone should have, and conquer on their bucket list.

  15. Cal Halladay:

    Very enjoyable I look forward to watching the rest of them well done.

    1. Expedia:

      +Cal Halladay Thank you so much! Happy Travels!

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