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Oman comprises of beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains as well as golden desert sands. A destination with the most amazing landscape, excellent air connectivity, short flying time, simplified visa process, availability of Indian food and flexibility in adapting to the needs of Indian weddings; has made Oman a perfect setup for destination weddings. The country offers plenty of picture-perfect backdrops that are ideal for pre-wedding photo and video shoots as well. The film showcases the beauty of having a wedding in Oman through the journey of a young man from India, who is visiting Oman for a friend’s wedding and then exploring the adventurous side of the country like never before, along with his friends. The tempo boosts up as the film progresses and the lyrics of ‘I want a freedom from me’ depicts the right spirit and spells various emotions.


Get set to explore various hidden attractions, as Oman offers a whole spectrum of experiences for an ardent traveler. Dive in the azure waters to explore the rich marine reserves, play golf at the luxurious courses, experience glamping in the desert, watch a spectacular play at the Royal Opera House, visit the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, stay at a luxury resorts in the Jebel Akhdar mountain and go trekking to experience the local way of living, see the making of Dhow cruise in a factory, watch mother turtles lay eggs and many more exciting experiences.

To discover more about Oman check out the Official Oman Tourism website: #ExperienceOman #DiscoverOman #BeautyhasanAddress #OnlyinOman


36 thoughts on “Oman Tourism | Oman Travel and Tourism | Oman Tourism Videos

  1. Dicky Tom:

    whites in oman? lol where are the black arabs?

    1. Amzad Syed:

      VAN MAFGODT im talking about there are Muslims who are white also I’m not only talking about Arabs Muslim are in all colours update ur info

  2. Jerlin Mary:

    home is where the heart lies..and it’s Oman! ❤

    1. Maneesh M:

      DenJA TV me too..i used to live in muscat

  3. Mayank Agarwal:

    what they show is geology!!
    it should be geo tourism

  4. Dil Khol K JIO:

    Trending #5 in India?? love from India.

  5. Sofija Franz:

    Jebeš Oman i njihov turizam, kad će mi odsjeći glavu, ako otkrijem pičku.

  6. Alwyn Roshan Dsouza:

    A really beautiful country with historical sites and palaces to visit. ..?

  7. Saleem Haq:

    God bless Oman
    but dont know why this video is trending
    in india

    1. Adi Charsobees:

      Because it is TVC specifically to promote Oman and India relation

    2. Yo man Showstopper:

      What’s your prob trending same as Indian movie trailors trending on their page

  8. Sarcastic Patriotic Indians:

    My dad is oman returned, and the way he told me about the beautiful country i have a dream to be there.

  9. tasneem khumushi:

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  10. ujIi ztrEak:

    After watching this modiji put a ticket for #oman ???

    1. Sarthak Shastri:

      ujIi ztrEak and he completed his trip

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